These Are the Days, Fall 2016

This is how I remember my days.

These are the days of…

…cooler weather, finally.

…two-year old tantrums!  (She has some gems, including: “go ‘way Mommy!” “Leave me ‘lone!”)

…watercolor painting and “wasting” my expensive Arches paper by learning and not always trying for frame-worthy pieces.

…fall break, when I realize how much I wish I were still homeschooling my third grader.  Third grade in our public school is good for him in many ways.  But having him home this week makes me miss him more.

…sending lots of mail.

…football in the backyard.

…a first Ohio State football game at the Horseshoe for one lucky 8 year old.

…choosing self-care over constant productivity.

…freezing cold floors first thing in the morning.

…falling more in love with my husband and my kids.  I love these people.

…inspiration.  Something about the change in the weather has pushed me to paint more, write more, think more.

…carefully cultivating my friendships.

…catching up on my gratitude list.  I’m at #749.

…kids sleeping in past 6:30 am.  Yes.  This is of course all over my gratitude list.

What about you?  What things are making up your days this fall?

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