I am taking shape slowly.

But you would probably like to know more. I started this blog after a thirteen hiatus from writing in any public way. From age 19 to 32, I visited six African countries, made my home in three, became friends with women more opposite me than I could have imagined, learned how to cover my hair in more ways than I could have imagined, and met a God who loves me much more than I imagine, even today. I write about how living cross-culturally has shaped me, how spiritual formation is the language of my life, how being a mother pushes me and pulls me, how I got to marry the best man I can imagine. In short, I write about how life shapes and I respond and God reveals.

I started the blog to write with a community of writers at Lisa-Jo Baker’s called Five Minute Friday so much of what you will read is unedited, unplanned and written in five minutes (or so–yes, sometimes I ignore the timer when I’m on a roll!). When I have time, I occasionally muse out-loud in other posts.

Now I’m back in the Middle East/North Africa region, learning how to do this life with four kids.



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