Broken (#2): Five Minute Friday

Five Minute FridaySometimes it seems that all of life is a conspiracy. Like when you just live for writing in community on Fridays but cannot stomach the thought of linking up in the very public world of Facebook. Lisa-Jo’s flash mob of writing for five minutes, no editing, no over-thinking, is the light at the end of the workweek tunnel and now I have to decide if the broken bits of me that keep my blog in hiding are brave enough to brave Facebook. If you love to write, or don’t but think it might help, check out the rules and join us.

I stopped writing when I was 19. A few short blocks away from the best pizza on the East Coast, a few short miles from the Connecticut River, a few short yards away from registering for writing class with Annie Dillard my freshman year of college. Regardless of any previous writing or publishing or being noticed, I stopped cold turkey and never looked back. Until now.

That mustard seed of fear grew into a tree large enough to shadow a decade of life. The fear of not knowing if I was good enough drove me to choose Russian literature and Calculus 2. (I wasn’t actually good enough for Calculus 2. That’s why I went for a liberal arts school, I had temporarily amnesia during registration.) I never examined the good enough question (Good enough for whom? And how are we measuring this? Who is the final judge? Good questions, I just didn’t ask them.).

I didn’t write for a decade. Sure, I wrote letters. My best friend informed me that I sent novellas rather than emails and elected to call me across eight time zones rather than scroll down that long. But in truth the broken bits inside of me that smarted from correction and rejection just refused to be held up to the light. So I shut up.

And today, after I thought I demolished that fear-tree in January with the simple click of WordPress publish button, those broken bits that bade me quiet starting shouting me down again. Lisa-Jo’s website is down so if I join in on this lovely Friday, I have to do it on Facebook? Where people who actually know me might see it? Where people who actually know me might ignore it? Or criticize it? Or roll their eyes and agree that I’m not good enough? Not a big deal—I’ll just miss a week and write with you lovely ladies again in seven days. Some of you have even given me the confidence-bolstering compliment of following me—so someone will read the post.

Or I can tell the anxious, broken part of me that it will be fine. That nothing I write will ever be mentioned in the same sentence as “published” again except when I click it but that doesn’t mean my voice has to hide. That brokenness doesn’t have to mean silence.

Did my timer really just ring?


5 thoughts on “Broken (#2): Five Minute Friday

  1. Wonderful post! I’m so glad you decided to share with “the world” 🙂 I get it, I totally do. Often if I write a more personal blog post, I WON’T share it on my Facebook page, but I have no problem sharing if it’s just funny or light. And I have no problem sharing other people’s personal posts. It’s scary. But I’m glad you went for it! I’m going to share mine, too. *hugs*

  2. Look at you! Strong, brave, courageous woman! I too, suffer from the crippling anxiety of fear of rejection/fear of man, however, it is such a beautiful thing to see someone who has that brokenness inside of them, shake off the (dry cracked earth, much like your background here) and shine with inner strength. Bless you for sharing 🙂

  3. It is hard to come out from behind our computer screens and admit who we really are; I haven’t shared my writing on this prompt on my Facebook wall for that very reason. This week especially was so personal, so heart-wrenching. But having recently discovered this community, I love how we all accept the beauty in what we read and don’t focus on what we’re doing wrong; it’s so freeing. Perhaps this open sharing on Facebook will reassure you that you really are a good writer and have a perspective worth sharing! Thanks for putting your fears behind you and clicking “post” anyway!

  4. “brokenness doesn’t have to mean silence” oh how this resonates. And I’m glad that you are writing again…I know that sometimes it takes little steps, and sometimes It takes offering a few words here and there…but its good to start to let that flow again after being stopped up for so long. I hear you on letting fear stop you in your tracks. I’m glad that you are returning to sharing.

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