Rhythm: Five Minute Friday

I’m writing again today with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. I’m so thankful for the prompt each Friday, even when I don’t feel like writing! The rules are simple: a one-word prompt, five minutes, no extreme editing or contemplation. Ready, set, go!
Five Minute Friday

My hair hasn’t been in a ponytail in a long time. But today, it is. Before the sky dawns pink, before any other feet hit the floor, before a word is spoken: I’m outside and ready. I am not a runner. A woman at church taught me a new word: wog. It is, of course, the combination of walking and jogging that we both enjoy. There are days that my wog turns into a jog and moments when my jog turns into a run, when the rhythm of a ponytail swishing across my shoulders keeps time with the feet falling softly on pavement and breath getting shorter and shorter.

This whole symphony plays alongside birds chirping and newspaper delivery cars and a lone man, wheeling his garbage can to the curb. In my ears, David Crowder reminds me: “If his grace is an ocean then we all are sinking.”

But it’s really the other rhythm that catches me, fills me, brings delight to someone who would much rather be in bed. The music of strength and life and vitality. The song of the feminine and the human and the runner. The ponytail swishing and lungs expanding and heart pounding and blood coursing and feet falling and arms pumping.

My five year old boy told our neighbor this morning, “It’s ‘cuz boys are stronger than girls.” I won’t deny that his father can lift more than me and that I beg off wrestling every. single. time. His father gladly remembers how my body carried and delivered two boys and quickly forfeits the “strongest in the house” award. He doesn’t do blood and guts or pain or needles, so all at once garners me the imaginary award.

In the morning, I sing a song that celebrates strength. It isn’t about being the strongest or the fastest, as I am certainly neither. It’s about the song. Entering the rhythm of running even for a few moments reminds me God has given me strength. As the sun stretches herself over the horizon, I head up the impossible hill and smile for the chance to sing.


14 thoughts on “Rhythm: Five Minute Friday

  1. Lovely. I tried running for a season; it got me in wedding dress shape, but it is not for me long-term. But this definitely makes me long to find my physical ‘song’, whatever it might be. So glad you found yours. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I know what you mean about running. Sometimes I don’t think it’s for me but then I remember it is (there’s nothing else left)! Now, Zumba, that is NOT for me (or anyone else trying to do it near me without getting injured or laughing to the point of pain). Actually any class where I can get it “wrong” is not for me. I’m the girl in the back they have to yell at fifty times before I clue in that it’s me that’s being corrected. I hope you find your rhythm.

  2. Love this: “It isn’t about being the strongest or the fastest, as I am certainly neither. It’s about the song. Entering the rhythm of running even for a few moments reminds me God has given me strength. As the sun stretches herself over the horizon, I head up the impossible hill and smile for the chance to sing.” Amen!! I was up early this morning, walking a huge hill with friends, reveling in the sunrise, birds singing, and the strength of legs moving.

    You left a comment on my blog this morning…thank you. Your words strengthened me. It has been a while since I’ve written, life being full and my mind too muddled, but this morning I am grateful for and uplifted by the community of writers at FMF. Blessings to you out there in Kentucky! We’ll be traveling through there on our way from CA to MD next month!!

    • Amy, thank you for visiting me today. Sounds like we had a similar beautiful morning…only I was three hours ahead of you, I hope! May the Lord bless you as you pack up and move. I have just moved too in the last month (after moving 11 times in 9 years of marriage–such was our life overseas) and am so glad to be getting to the end of the boxes. Maryland is a very beautiful place although July in Maryland is a bit muggy! My brother went to the USNA in Annapolis and my parents both went to grad school in MD so I’ve spent some humid summer days there. Keep writing!

    • Thank you, dear one. I wish with you that you could walk and walk strong. I am praying for you today, for God’s healing love to touch your back. Your kind words mean so much. There aren’t any words, Candace Jo, to make your chronic suffering better but I saw on your blog that you are living God’s heart right in the midst of suffering–inviting people into community, into love, into God’s presence as they suffer. God bless you today.

  3. haha, wog. I don’t even wog… I walk. Though I have often been impressed watching a runner as they hit their stride, swishing pony tail, lose arms and legs. I love to swim and that has its own rhythm. 🙂 Returning your visit from FMF. I love your writer’s voice! It was like having a conversation. 🙂

  4. Oh, you make me want to go wogging! 🙂 Love that word. I was a runner for quite a long season in my life; now I’m a walker because of bad knees (probably from too much running? ha). But I remember that exhilarating feeling I would get when I’d be outside early in the morning using my body to its fullest. I have to find that rhythm through other outlets now, and that’s okay, but I do like remembering back to those times that you shared. Thanks for bringing me joy through your experience!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lisa, and for taking the time to respond. I tried getting a rhythm swimming the other day and lasted 17 laps before climbing over the edge of the pool and almost passing out, so I hope you find your rhythm in something other than swimming! Although it is good for the knees…. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful way to describe running! I’m a runner, though I’ve been skipping my morning runs lately for weight lifting and some cardio videos. I will be going to the ocean in a few weeks though, and your post is an inspiration for me as I plan to spend my mornings running on the beach. Thank you!

  6. Hi! stopping by from Five Minute Friday and sharing some comment love. I am a former dancer in the middle of a 30 day fitness covenant. I’m enjoying my route back to strength, flexibility and overall health even when its hard and requires a devotion I strive to attain. Your post reminded me of the beauty in the grind….the work and the God-given ability we have to accomplish our goals. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going.

  7. I am not a runner, either, but descriptions like this make me think I should take it up. Just being alone with nature and my creator might make it worthwhile! Who am I kidding? I could stop at just bring alone!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such an incredibly encouraging comment. That made my whole weekend. I loved your post and look forward to knowing and reading you more! P.S. My tattoo is the first line from the David Crowder song.

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