Brave: Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday I’m feeling brave to try to write a post after such little sleep but here goes.  Today I am writing with a great fun bunch of women at Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa Jo Baker.  For the rules, click here.

Today I celebrated these brave women who moved with their husbands to a new country and stood with them as they learned and studied and wrote and defended until there were finally more letters at the end of their names.  They moved from Nigeria and Korea and Tanzania and around the globe to a rural county in Kentucky where most residents aren’t what ESL teachers call “sympathetic interlocutors.”  They learned new ways of living and cleaning and cooking and greeting and speaking and loving and worshiping in this big act of bravery that almost no one sees.

They aren’t the ones who get the extra letters.  No new diploma will grace their walls.  They do not walk across a stage in velvety robes, declaring to the world that they have labored and pained over a graduate or post-graduate degree in a second language.  The receptions and parties and welcome homes shower gracefully over them too but they aren’t really the intended recipients.

So today in our ESL class we celebrated them.  With cake and fruit and candy and love.  With stories and learning and blessing and prayer.  Women who will leave us now, who have changed us, who have added new words to our lives, who have graced us with new ways of seeing.


5 thoughts on “Brave: Five Minute Friday

  1. Artfully written, Elizabeth! I loved learning about the brave women in your ESL class and the special ways that you celebrated them. This line in particular really got me: “Women who will leave us now, who have changed us, who have added new words to our lives, who have graced us with new ways of seeing.” Powerful stuff.

    This was my very first time participating in FMF, and I’m officially hooked! Not only with the writing process itself (which was so liberating), but with the connections I have made with so many other FMF participants like yourself. What a blessing this has been! Thanks for checking out my post and leaving such a kinda and generous comment.

    The Thinking Closet

  2. This is a really beautiful post. There are so many brave women in the world that go unnoticed. Thank you for celebrating them.

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