Dive: Five Minute Friday

The years-old conversation bounces through my mind as my feet hit the asphalt.  Running under Kentucky blue sky, over gentle hills of grazing cattle, I find myself in the smallness of other people’s expectations and opinions as I relive the conversation that never finishes the way I want.  My heart thuds as I test my strength up hills and down but it is not physical exertion that causes my jaw to clench or fists to tighten.

The smallness of this man and his opinions is spacious compared to the infinitesimal walls unforgiveness builds around a heart.  Something in me wants to break free from the lies and hurt, the gall of bitterness.


The sky is calling me to dive in to life lived now.  The cows are bellowing for me to join them in the Bluegrass and celebrate the newness offered today.  To dive in to an ocean of life and surface with rivulets of water streaming grace down me, warm like the water of the Red Sea trickling off my face.  To dive in only to find whale sharks as large as buses beneath me.  To dive in and live a life shaped in Africa, now lived in America, bound for the unknown.  To live right here today.



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